Diane Dolinsky-PickarAt my core, I am whip-smart and a true go-getter; someone who offers the Perspective, Pedigree, Power, and Perseverance your marketing projects require. I am game for the challenge to create something truly disruptive, or the more pedestrian but equally vital work of moving the needle ahead via a new ad serving technology or via a more qualified lead pool.

Creativity is part of my being and my firm’s tagline, and that was apparent from my time as a visual studies major at Harvard College through the present.

To illustrate, I am jazzed by the challenge to:

  • select the coolest looking images, or
  • produce a live event that wows with its attention to details, or
  • craft the content of a case study geared toward the buyer persona of a 40-year-old male, wife- and kid-supporting, striving to climb but needing tools to speed through his work, or
  • plot a multi-pronged strategy covering the front and back end of prospect-nurturing, along with an entree to the conference circuit, or
  • re-think and fix a web site so folks don’t shut it down in 1/20th of a second, or
  • build a community that shares ideas, regardless of whether that community is on the Web or at a MeetUp.

As a person steering through mid-life, I offer the Perspective that comes from comfort with folks senior to me and those nipping at my heels. Through myriad roles, I have seen firsthand how platforms such as Salesforce can transform workflow, but I also know booking face-to-face appointments with prospects takes more than a garrulous tongue; it takes genuine interest and enthusiasm for others.

I offer the Pedigree of two Ivy League degrees, but then I also know we can chuck the degrees when it comes right down to it. I live and breathe a thirst for learning because no matter how many classrooms or teleclasses one has been in, we must divine where to go next.

So I explore, read voraciously, and seek out folks who can help me level up my game. What am I exploring? The most innovative ideas this week came from watching a #sharkfight replay, a live event co-produced by Bloomberg News, Didit, and the eMarketing Association. What am I reading? The Wall Street Journal, key bloggers from Avinash Kaushik to Penelope Trunk, and best-selling authors ranging from Jodi Picoult to Malcolm Gladwell. Whom do I follow? Influencers like Catherine Morgan, Cynthia DiBartolo, Monica Wright and Nelly Yusupova.

I possess the Power that comes from strong knowledge of digital trends, search engine marketing, analytics, and advertising garnered from working in online media for 8+ years. I have been employed by (or consulted at) small firms, and in a small firm, if you don’t produce, you are TOAST. I have a background in management consulting; I started a food and beverage export firm early in my career, and became a blogger before it was cool.

Regarding Perseverance, I have been known to meet and defeat a range of thorny problems. Not by sword, but by continuously testing and re-calibrating.

Among my proudest accomplishments are speaking before my peers in Las Vegas (Women in Electronic Payments industry conference) and Atlanta (Communications/PR professionals in the Life Sciences industry); initiating, planning and executing a lead generation process that grew the funnel from 8,000 to 130,000 prospects; giving back to others without being asked; and raising three unruly teenagers the right way.

And yes, WordPress is awesome, and so are ballroom dancers, ice cream, handmade cards, watching old slides projected on the wall, and the path to Nanga Parbat (in Pakistan).