Keeping Top of Mind with Twitter and SMS

The email came after the show had finished.

What a bummer, I missed the chance to meet my friend!

After traveling an hour to NYC, switching from commuter train to human-packed subway, and then fighting the sidewalk elements–puddles of slush and a ton of swimming pool-like street corners—I was pissed at the missed connection.

Was it my fault?

Duh, could be.

But not likely.

The problem was he sent an email when a text would have gotten my instantaneous attention. Instead, network congestion and force of habit conspired to keep me unaware.

Texting is preferred in 2014, even for short company communications.

At one point, I was interested in a firm that made Apps for Salesforce. If I had signed up for their emails, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

What I did was text ‘Follow silverlinecrm’ to their unique 5-digit code, thereby giving permission to receive text messages. They linked their tweets to their SMS (short message service a.k.a. text messages). Now I get a daily (and sometimes a twice daily) data dump.

Their tweets offer photos of staff snowboarding, notification of new events, or pointers to valuable content. But I don’t have to go to Twitter to get it, nor read emails. Reading a text is the one and only thing that interrupts my workflow but doesn’t make me feel scattered.

Do what they did. Push out a message to your contacts’ cell phones and get their permission to market to them. Speak to them in the instantaneous way 2014 demands. Texts get responses within seconds. For certain types of business, no other channel I know of can boast this near-instantaneous response and a 10% to 30% lift from marketing campaigns.

It is like the early days of email when we were still excited to get something!